Tuesday, 8 February 2011

There´s a dog on the table

There´s a coffee table in the middle of our living room. It sits in front of the TV, the only obstacle between myself (curled up on the comfy red sofa) and the giant plasma frame. Glass-topped, sort of 80´s design with brassy-gold edges. There´s a dog sitting on the top of this coffee table. A small, stuffed version of a german shepherd happily ensconced in the middle of the brassy-gold edged, 80´s style glass topped table. And it´s wearing a sweater. The small, stuffed german shepherd is wearing a red sweatshirt with the chilean flag down the front.

Has it been there since I arrived? Is it a new addition to the (colourful) collection of curios and knickknacks that ubiquitously adorn the apartment. I´m not sure. Today I noticed it. I noticed it in great detail. It puzzled me in great detail. Life is full of the absurd, that´s a given... but when is it that we cease to notice it?? Have I reached the point in my short 22 years on this earth where a small, stuffed, patriotic and red-jersey wearing german shepherd sitting on top of a coffee table in the middle of a living room ceases to attract my attention or arouse my curiosity? Maybe...

What a scary thought!

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  1. La verdadera pregunta es la siguiente:
    ¿Cuándo el perro alemán convertido en Chile